Day 68 — A photo every hour

On Saturday I took a photo every hour of the day. Why? I wanted to see what would happen and where it would lead me.

I was originally introduced to this task by my mentors on Run Dem Crew’s youth project and it opened my eyes, it made me aware of the hours in the day that I had at my disposal and that time is there to be filled.

I woke up and was excited about the day. I had swim dem at a new pool and didn’t have to work. I felt fresh.

I was so alert as I made my journey to the pool. I was taking a picture every hour but the subject, look, and feel of each picture didn’t have a theme. I was just looking for what I liked. Sometimes it was tiles on the floor, branches in a tree, unexpected flowers through a fence.

The nicest part about it all was that I could capture all these little moments so quickly and immediately attach memories to them. It was also really nice to have a “task” for the day you know?

It’s definitely something I’ll try again. Writing a story everyday may not be enough for me to keep up!

You can see all the images on my Instagram profile: mrfatchance

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