Day 69 — City Break

Today I left the hustle and noise of the City I call home, and traded it for some green. I’ve really left to attend a wedding but at the same time, it’s a moment away from work and normal life.

Once we arrived at this quant midland town to settle down for the night, I was taken aback by how quiet it all was. I haven’t been away from a city in so long. I’m used to the noise. The sirens, the car horns, the shouting. It’s all a part of what I know as home. So to step away from that and actually be uncomfortable with the lack of noise is surreal. It serves as a nice reminder that there’s life outside my bubble. Be it my flat in East London or my social media profiles. The world is bigger than me.

So I’m taking this time away as an opportunity to recharge, think, and most importantly, rest.

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