Day 75 — Appraisal

At work we’re doing our annual appraisals where we talk to our managers about where we would like to be in the next six months and year at work and it’s quite nice. I suppose it validates the work you do when take part in your appraisals and reflect.

It’s been quite odd for me at the same time because I often feel isolated in work. I come in, do the job I’m paid to do and go home. There’s no large plan to any of it. I’m not ticking things off for projects or anything like that. The work can feel static.

So these appraisals help me build in some actions to move forward with my short, but fun career as a swimming teacher. One thing that came up was the idea of mentoring new, fresh teachers which seemed really exciting. That’s something I’m even going to explore in whatever I do next too.

I set myself some new goals and now move on to the next appraisal with another manager, happy days.

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