Day 93 — Calamari

Today I went to dinner with a whole bunch of friends at the restaurant that I love to hate, Busaba Eathai. It has good food but the price always bothers me. It never feels worth it, except for their Calamari. I could eat that for days.

So once everyone arrived and started chatting away, I was thinking about how long it was going to be until I got my cheap chopsticks on that Calamari. Eventually, the waitress came round and took our huge table order. I told her that I would like the Calamari obviously, with some Jungle Chicken and the cheapest rice (Jasmine) available, then she paused and asked me if I would remember my order? I thought to myself, am I Rachel from Friends? Or you know, an idiot that can’t remember my own order?

Don’t play games with me and my Calamari yo, it won’t end well for you.

She notes down the remaining orders and then continues about her business. Eternity passes and our food starts to roll out. I get my Jungle Curry and cheap-but-too-expensive rice but there’s no Calamari. What?

Then she brings out a huge tray of it, I say I’ll take mine but she turns and delivers it to the other side of the table. I think nothing of it, surely mine must be coming?

It doesn’t.

I call her over and ask her what happened to my Calamari? She says I didn’t order any.

I am not a fool, I remember what I ordered. I get annoyed and argue with her. She says that there were six orders placed and they all came out. So then I shouted across the table, ‘who’s got my Calamari?’. Nobody raises their hands. Back to the waitress. “I ordered Calamari”

“I took out all the orders”

“So where’s my order then?”


“You can order now, it doesn’t take long”

“It’s either free Calamari or no Calamari”

“I can order for you now”

“Fine then”

20 or so minutes pass. Nothing. She keeps on working the tables and I’m there playing with Tesco Value race after finishing my Jungle Curry. She comes over smiling, “Did you get the Calamari?”

“No, nothing came out” I smile. I wasn’t angry anymore, I had eaten some food after all, and had a good evening with friends. I was so nice that she thought I was having her on (see the first picture for reference of my face at this point).


“Yes, really. Nothing came out, but it’s fine, don’t worry about it”

She says Sorry and walks away. Then *insert basic viral video headline* you won’t believe what happened next!

She taps me on the shoulder and hands me some Calamari! “I took my money and bought it for you,” she said with a big smile.

I was taken aback by her kindness, to be honest. We had a rough start, but she did something that she didn’t have to do for me, and that was a really nice thing to do. I thanked her and was smiling for the rest of the night about it.

Moral of the story, Calamari is good, free Calamari is also good, but an act of kindness is great.

Thank you Busaba Eathai waitress, you stole my heart yesterday!

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