💀 Good for our KPI’s, bad for our users — we’re killing our newsletter
Idan Yalovich

Well, since you asked . . . my response is that it’s not actually a newsletter at all. It’s a list of clickable headlines and illustrations. There’s nothing of value in the email itself. It’s tempting people to go to something else that they may find valuable. So the headline for each article has to be effective, and they images have to be effective illustrations of that — especially, as you say, they are so prominent and overwhelm the text. So there are several steps of remove between the inbox and good experience — the email subject line, interpreting the image, reading the article headline and then reorienting on the website it takes us to. I think if you go through your digests, you’ll see a number of the images add little to clarify what the article is or why it’s valuable to the person receiving the email.