He Hides his Cult | She Commits Suicide after their Video Goes Viral

This piece is a translation of the original Hindi language article by @TheRevoltPress

Note: The original article mentions “love jihad.” As several Muslim, Christian, and Hindu friends have appealed to me in person to not malign an emotion as sacred as “love” to describe rapes and hate-crimes of terrorists, I’ve used “RapeJihad”, instead.

#RapeJihad Offender: Moin Hussain Pathan

This incident is from the Gujarati City of Surat, where an inquiry into a girl’s suicide revealed this LoveJihad nay RapeJihad plot.

Hiding his name and religious cult, a Mohammedan boy befriended a girl, developed intimacy, made a video of his intimate moments with her, and shared it with his friends. The girl committed suicide when she learnt about how she was being cheated.

The victim, a 20-year-old student of the DRB College, was a resident of Godadara’s Keshav Park Society. Deepika, the victim, has left behind a suicide note before she committed suicide by jumping off Surat’s ONGC Bridge on Sunday.

In the note, Deepika has mentioned that her college-mate Moin had befriended her after hiding his real name and religious cult. He had mentioned his name as “RaavaN” and his faith-culture as Hindu.

After trapping the girl, Moin got into a sexual liaison with her, and had a video and many photos of the two together. He also had these photos and video sent to his friends. The girl feared she would also have to bear with being blackmailed and abused by Moin’s friends. She also had arguments with Moin over the same issue.

Deepika had discovered his real name when she accidentally found his driver’s license. At the end, Dipika committed suicide fearing defamation.

On Monday evening, Deepika’s body was found 6 km away from the spot of incident. It is being suspected that the boy has trapped several other girls in the same way. The police department is busy getting his call records checked. Meanwhile, Moin has been taken on remand for five days.

The alleged Moin Hussain Pathan has been arrested along with his friends. Moin’s laptop and cellphone have also been confiscated, and are being examined to procure more details.

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