The Very Last Day.

For those who believe that there is still a chance to receive the salvation in the 50th week from Daniel’s prophecy, that is absolutely false. Daniel foresaw what God will have for the Israelites in the future, not the Gentiles. Because all the Gentiles who believe in Jesus Christ will not be in the 1 week left over of the 50 weeks. That remaining 1 week is God’s plan to re-engage what was in Daniel’s prophecy. Remember all the Gentiles are under Paul’s ministry, while Jews used to be under the 12 apostles (Jesus' disciples under his ministry). For now, both Jews and Gentiles are under the Paul’s ministry. Daniel didn’t foresee what God had already prepared for Paul’s ministry to lead the Gentiles into one flock with Israel, as Paul stated that it’s a "mystery" plan of God. That one week left is prepared for the children of Israel, who believe the preaching of two witnesses that Jesus was and is forever their Messiah. The present church which is the Body of Christ will be resurrected/lifted up in the clouds before that "privileged" week comes. What I must underline in here that there is no salvation for the gentiles in that remaining week, although it’s said that the 2 witnesses with 144.000 unmarried man who believe that Jesus is Messiah will evangelize the world, but their ministry will be solely for the chosen Israelites and will call the nation to come back to their God.

The salvation is now. This is the very last days, while plenty of prophecies are being fulfilled in our very eyes day by day. Until that day comes, receive Jesus as your personal Savior into your hearts, and you all will be saved.


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