Why I choose clean beauty

In 2015 I made a big decision in my life which was shifting all my personal care products to clean alternatives. I throw away all the Chanel, Dior and other brands of makeup/skincare, it was heart broken to see all those beautiful bottles and packaging gone but at the same time I felt great! Because I committed to something that is healthy for Me, Animals and Environment.

Me Part:

Did you know 60% of the product you put on your skin will absorb into your bloodstream under a minute.

United States only banded 11 chemicals for personal care products, while EU has banded 1,328 chemicals. This is extremely shocking and sad, also made me realized we have to protect our own from exposing to the harsh chemicals. Ever since then I started to study ingredients by reading and researching. The most common harsh chemicals you can find are like; Parabens, Phthalate, Petroleum Oil, PEGS and etc. They can cause skin-irritation, allergy, neuron system damage, cancer and so on. I will dig deeper in another article what are these and why they are harmful for your health.

Animal Part:

This sounds horrible but here are the truth; they will rip off animal’s skin(mostly bunnies) and put products on the skin or inject products to her eyes. Bunnies cannot scream or cry, after all the suffering they will just dumped as garbage. Google “animal testing” or Lush did a demo video on human, it will helps you a clearer understanding of animal testing. But why they need this horrible process? It’s because the chemicals are so harsh so it needs to be tested on animals first to make sure. Clean beauty are mostly natural plant driven therefore no animal testing needed. Can we all agree that animal testing is the most unethical thing to do?

Environment Part:

Microbeads can often been find in personal cares for examples face scrubs, body scrub and tooth paste. What are micro beads exactly? They are tiny teeny spheres particles which is smaller than 1 millimeter. You might think they are not a big deal but they are harmful for our environment. Once they they’re washed down billions of the tiny spheres will flow through pipes and drains and into the water. When you think globally it will be astronomy numbers

Because microbeads are small enough to be ingested by fish and other marine life, they can carry other pollutants into the food chain.

When you think globally it will be astronomy numbers, this Youtube video explains everything in 2 mins.

This is why I choose clean beauty! Salt, sugar or even coffee beans can turns into amazing exfoliate products. Shall we be more responsible for our oceans?

If you are looking for clean alternatives, check out my Instagram (Organic Bee Beauty), it will bring you some inspirations.