The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

I hear two fistfulls of cashews are the same as Prozac. I’m gonna try it for a few days first thing in the morning. Also, getting off the net for a day or two at a time helps and taking long walks with your best fur, or not furred, buddy in the woods or wherever helps. I knew I couldn’t commit to Nationals, but I was a CD Delegate, phone banked like crazy, went to local Dem meetings, sent postcards, emails and blitzed the online news sites in each primary state with Bernie talking points . . . donated far more than I could afford to Bernie, a few down ticketers and delegates . . . and to see it all fall apart in California, my home state, was all too much to bear.

The DNC CONvention was the gall stone on the shitonyou pie. Pardon my colorful metaphors . . . Had I been close enough to Mr. Webb when he called his fellow citizens “cute” for still evincing passion, that man would be sucking carpet like a Hoover, pilgrims. Patronize me and a few million of my closest friends, will you? Eat dirt, Bozo.

I don’t know how you all restrained yourselves as admirably as you did for so long. Be good to you, take time to heal and regain some balance . . . come back to us even stronger. Bless your every step.

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