And once on the sensitive and important topic. 7 ways to cure hemorrhoids using essential oils

Hemorrhoids is a varicose veins in the rectum. When hemorrhoids patient experiences pain, itching and burning in the rectum, often painful condition is accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoids is a common disease especially in women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Hemorrhoids are the result of increased pressure in the veins of the anus. Other possible causes of the disease is hereditary, chronic constipation, improper lifting of heavy loads and obesity.

Methods of treatment of hemorrhoids should be aimed at eliminating the causes of chronic constipation, reduce pain and eliminate the bleeding.

Methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of essential oils

The most common methods of using essential oils from hemorrhoids are internal use, massage, sitz baths, shared baths, tampons, rectal suppositories.

For internal use of essential oils in an amount of 2–4 drops mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and a glass of warm water 0.5. Apply the resulting solution was 2 to 3 times a day.

A mixture of essential oils for a sit bath. Mix essential oils (drops) cypress — 3 lemons — 3; or lavender — 2 lemons — 2, rose -2. Add one of the essential oil blends into a deep bowl with warm water. Immerse the body to mid-thigh in a container of medical mixture, take a sitz bath for 10 minutes. The same mixture of essential oils can also be used for general baths.

Analgesic oil from hemorrhoids with essential oils. Mix 25 ml of sea buckthorn oil and 10–12 drops of essential oil or mixture of essential oils. Use this oil as needed during the day.

Another recipe medical ointments for hemorrhoids. Mix 5 drops of geranium essential oil, 4 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of bergamot 40 drops of coconut oil. The resulting mixture was stored in a bottle made of opaque glass. This oil has analgesic and healing action.

The analgesic lotion. Mix 50 ml of water and essential oils of cypress 10 drops, 5 drops of lemon essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil; 10 drops or lavender, roses and 5 drops 5 drops of lemon oil. Dampen a piece of cotton wool in the resulting lotion and apply to the sore spot for the night.

After going to the toilet it is recommended to treat problem areas natural rose water or cypress. For the preparation of an aromatic mix of water 100 ml of distilled water and 40 drops of essential oils.

If hemorrhoids are accompanied by constipation, then you need to reconsider your diet. You may need to eat more food of vegetable origin rich in fiber. To get rid of constipation recommended daily abdominal massage with essential oils of rosemary, marjoram or dill. To prepare the mixture massage connect any 30 ml of base oil (almond, olive, apricot, etc.) and 15 drops of essential oil or mixture of essential oils. More information about the recipes you can find in the article

During pregnancy, use oils with caution.

Essential oils can cause allergic reactions. So before the first use of an essential oil it is recommended to test for individual intolerance.