A Post from One of my More Privileged Facebook Friends [Annotated with my Commentary]

Him: I don’t usually post about politics… [So why start now?]

Him: But I’m so tired of hearing people fight over what has already been said and done. [Oh, ok, so you’re posting to complain about how you’re tired of hearing other people complain. Got it. 👍]

Him: If you have such a problem with it, leave. No one is making you stay here. [If you believe that people should ignore their problems instead of dealing with them, then… why 👏 did 👏 you 👏 write 👏 a 👏 Facebook 👏 post?]

Him: Why lash out and start protesting, burning the American flag, and more? [Protesting and flag are both freedoms protected under the First Amendment. If you would like to know why American citizens are exercising those rights, might I suggest listening to what the protesters are saying?]

Him: You’re just adding to the problems of the world… thanks. [Ah, yes. The world’s problems. Out of all of them (and there are many), the only one that made you take a break from posting modeling pics was people exercising their First Amendment rights to stand up for what they believe in. And yet, you have nothing to say about the un-American threat to equal rights for all citizens, the recent rise in hate crimes, or how our global climate is in jeopardy. Also, newsflash: your status isn’t “about politics.” Like the rest of your posts, it’s about you. And how you’re “so tired.” Poor. You.]

Him: Comment something dumb and get blocked. [By dumb, do you mean… a differing opinion? Also, smooth move: to ask why something is happening but then threaten to block people should they try to explain. 👍]

Him: Have a great week Facebook. [You care more about a symbolic piece of fabric getting burned than the feelings and lives of actual Americans. Let’s not pretend that you care about anyone besides yourself. Please keep those career updates and hashtagged selfies coming, though!]


Footnote: “Kayla” is my name for anyone who thinks that people who are justifiably upset should just calm down (or in this case, leave the country).