Automatically link Magento Patches in Bitbucket

Bitbucket includes a really nifty feature for linking issues using regex — that way it can easily integrate with any system that utilizes ticket keys as a URL part identifier.

Thanks to the existence of — we can now utilize this same system to automatically link Magento Patch names to their patch posts (for more information!)

Setting this up couldn’t possibly be easier (though time consuming if you want to do it for a lot of projects — as it has to be setup on a project-by-project basis).

Load up your Project in Bitbucket, and go to Settings > [Integrations] Links

Click “Add a custom link” (all the way there at the bottom)

And fill out the pop-up thusly:

For copy/paste purposes, thats:

Replacement URL:\1
Raw regex: ((?<!\w)((SUPEE)-\d+)(?!\w))

And voila! SUPEE-6788 (for example) will automatically link to in any commits, pull requests, etc.



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