• Miguel


  • AppsZoom


    Discovering the best apps! Launching them into success!

  • Dwolla


    Power your app with programmable payments infrastructure.

  • Rae Krantz

    Rae Krantz

    Born in the South, made in the Rust Belt, living in the home of over half of Fortune 500 companies aka Delaware

  • Anastasia Hilinsky

    Anastasia Hilinsky

    I am: Founder of BuildRX, dog lover, wine drinker and music appreciator.. :)

  • Robin Wouters

    Robin Wouters

    Quarterback | STRATEGY - INNOVATION - CREATION | Founder @KamerSocial, @Contentalyzer

  • daniela barbosa

    daniela barbosa

    Mom, Information Scientist- Focused on data, Consumption and Delivery, Machine Learning, just plain Geekiness. VP Marketing & Partnerships @FirstRain

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