The Best Mouse I’ve ever used

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth

This is the second mouse of this type that I’ve bought. It’s one I always stress over knowing that I’ll have to purchase again once the oils in my hand do too much damage, or the scroll wheel rubber inevitably breaks from overuse. This particular one has an issue with the scroll wheel in which scrolling left moves less than scrolling right. A small issue, but one that was noticeable after I purchased it to replace my first one.

Like others of it’s ilk, the battery cover has taken enough of a beating to no longer stay on the bottom, causing it’s main usage to be as such — without.

Yet, with all of these faults, this continues to be the best mouse that I’ve ever laid my hands on. Many will claim that trackball mice are the gods’ gift to men, but this.. this is my first love as far as mice are concerned.

I’ve been unable to locate a mouse to replace it in the future. Hopefully one that Amazon vendors don’t try to sell for up to $100 per mouse. Here are the features it has that I like:

  • Bluetooth — not just any sort of Wireless connection, but Bluetooth specifically. Yes, Bluetooth has it’s issues but it still means I’ll only ever use one connector for all the bluetooth items I buy. I’m not locked into any one vendor, and I can always swap out my Bluetooth connector.
  • Four way scroll wheel — If you thought up and down scrolling was amazing, this thing scrolls left and right, too! Instead of traditional scrolling you push the wheel to the left or right side and as long as it’s there it scrolls in that direction. I can’t go back to not having this.
  • Side buttons — In all honesty, I only really need one. I use the top one primarily for binding to my “talk” keys in Mumble, Teamspeak, and the likes. I use it alongside ` — both are out of the way but at least the mouse one is within easy reach.
  • Large & Ergonomic — The way it fits to my hand is bar-none. I use a Microsoft Mobile Mouse (2500) for work, and it’s so small. It’s usable, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as nice as this.
  • The side rubber is versatile — As you can see from the included pictures, there is little to no damage on the side-rubber. It feels great, and it holds up well despite how oily my skin is. You can’t say the same for the Microsoft Mobile Mouse:
Ouch — how am I going to explain this when I return it?

So why am I spilling all these beans? Two reasons:

  1. To spread the gospel of the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth (affiliate link)
  2. To ask for recommendations of new mice that fit my above requirements. I’m hoping that the knowledge of the collective will know of other mice like this

Thank you for reading — and if you do know of a Mouse like this, or better than this — please let me know!




Magento, PHP, Minecraft (Shotbow) & More

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Navarr Barnier

Navarr Barnier

Magento, PHP, Minecraft (Shotbow) & More

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