It came up in discussion, upon a large group of people reading Google’s article about how it is tightening email security and making the absence of certain best practices visible to users, that Avatars are a very common thing tied to emails.

There are some existing ad-hoc usages of email headers for this use case, and there are services that allow an email address to be associated with an avatar. We’ll cover those first.

  • X-Face — an old Usenet feature where an encoded 48x48 bitmap was included as part of the message in an X-Face header. …

Bitbucket includes a really nifty feature for linking issues using regex — that way it can easily integrate with any system that utilizes ticket keys as a URL part identifier.

Thanks to the existence of — we can now utilize this same system to automatically link Magento Patch names to their patch posts (for more information!)

Setting this up couldn’t possibly be easier (though time consuming if you want to do it for a lot of projects — as it has to be setup on a project-by-project basis).

Load up your Project in Bitbucket, and go to Settings >…

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth

This is the second mouse of this type that I’ve bought. It’s one I always stress over knowing that I’ll have to purchase again once the oils in my hand do too much damage, or the scroll wheel rubber inevitably breaks from overuse. This particular one has an issue with the scroll wheel in which scrolling left moves less than scrolling right. A small issue, but one that was noticeable after I purchased it to replace my first one.

Google Voice for Outlook Mobile Service was a pet project I started during my year between High School and University. I created it because I had an odd obsession with Outlook at the time and I thought it amazingly silly to pay someone to send text messages through Outlook when I already had a Google Voice account.

At first, the service was run through mirrors (other people hosted my code and I help them set it up with the agreement that their endpoint be available to the public). I wasn’t too fond of this, as I didn’t have real control…

Facebook acquired Oculus Rift today. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

However, I’m not one of those. While Facebook’s track record is shoddy at best, I still have faith in what they’re attempting. They see the potential of Social in Virtual Reality, and it’s a wondrous vision.

But I don’t want to work with social, I want to work with games.

— Notch, Virtual Reality is going to change the world

But games are social. Most fun games are inherently social. Dark Souls wouldn’t be quite so much fun…

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 was released today, and with it came the very nifty feature of Swatches! My team was very interested in figuring out how to manage and utilize this new feature for our clients.

The first thing that we noticed is, for our pre-existing installation anyways, Swatches were disabled by default. To enable them, you need to go to the “Configurable Swatches” section under the Catalog heading in your Configuration. There you will find the ability to Enable them, and an area to select which attributes you wish to display swatches for.

Color Swatches

Perhaps the most nifty feature is…

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal opinion of it’s poster only.

It’s been a little more than three years since Google introduced , and it’s hugely surprising how few online shopping markets are using the simple new standard to differentiate themselves from their competitors on Google.

Let’s look at an example. I’ll run a Google search for some luggage. How about the IT Luggage Copenhagen 4 Wheeled 3 Piece Luggage Set?

A website without Technologies:

A website with Technologies:

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