Rule 1: Weed out the Naysayers

Remember the time you were a kid, the time when life seemed simple and every morning you wanted to become something new. I remember it well, I wanted to be the richest man in the world. All our dreams were pure. And there was something inside us that told us that no dream was too big. Cutback to today, what changed? Why did we not pursue what we really wanted and got ourselves stuck in the rut that we currently find ourselves in. Looking back, there are many reasons for you not to have achieved the dream. For some it was the family, for some it was the financial conditions, for some it was the societal pressures. I am not going to be the one whose gonna say which reason held more weight than the other but I am gonna say one thing — the one reason why you didn’t follow through on your dream was YOU!

All your life you’ve surrounded yourself with people who have told you that your dream is too big, and that your dream is too stupid to be followed. These people include parents, friends, kids, wives, husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends. The people I just mentioned above are nothing but just dead weight that you have been living on your shoulders for the last so many years. Most of thee people have achieved nothing but mediocrity in their lives and one of the key reasons that they’ve held you back is they like everyone around them to be mediocre. These are people who have got the concept of “comfortable living” hard wired into their brains. For these are people who are parasites and wouldn’t let you move forward while sucking all your dreams and aspirations out of you.

I am not saying that you should cut all relationships with such people cause it would be difficult taken what kind or type of relationship you are sharing with them. What I do say though is stay the fuck away from such people. Believe me you know a naysayer just as one opens their mouth. As soon as you identify such people run away. If these are parents, wives and husbands try blanking your brain whenever they say something that you believe would hamper your progress.

There are going to be some tough conversations but believe me the day you prove them wrong, these tough conversations would become the starting to tales that the world will tell while talking about you.

The Mirror: staying away from family or friends is difficult. But let’s look back to your dream who were the first people who laughed at you or dissuaded you from pursuing your dream? And you have your answer. This, my friend is your life. Let no one else decide it for you.

Its about time that someone held up a mirror in front of you and help you build your fucking potential, instead of just spending time watching Youtube stories.

Based on feedback from the readers, ill try blogging a lot more on a daily basis and provide to you realistic rules of how to get yourself out of the rut you find yourself in at the moment.