At last GOA !

Goa “ has always been on the “TO-GO” destination list for every youth and indeed it’s ours too. At last we have been to goa, we allude to six people (naveen, deva , barat, lookey, lakes & eddy ). It was a well planned trip. Our planning started by october and flight tickets were booked immediately after my B’day celebrations. I was wondering and just can’t accept the fact that “GOA IS ON”. First of all, I have never voyaged by air and this made me exhilarate higher. Flight tickets from bangalore to goa was relatively cheaper than chennai-goa so a connecting flight was booked. It felt a bit posh having air journey from chennai to bangalore (idhulam namake over ah therilla 😛 ). After surfing through a lot of websites & many shambles we ended up booking a service apartment in calangute,goa. A few days before the trip i have already been in a trance of the trip.

It all started when the people in domestic terminal heard a final call for us “naveeen saabaari , Lakeesh anandh …. “(everbody’s names called out for boarding, my name sounded funny ). Daiii idhu than da en first flight eh .. idhule ipdiya ??

Three of us are new to this air journey of which lokey was li’l nervous 😛 . Luckily I was offered a window seat behind the wing with my buddy lokey & dev nearby. Everything was set to take off . I was super excited about the first flight. The pilot pushed all the throttle in one stretch. The speed was increasing exponentially in fraction of seconds & suddenly we were on air. Of all the trip’s flight journey this seemed supercool. In just half an hour we landed in Bangalore, spent the remaining time in CCD,Bangalore. Edwin joined us, On another flight we reached Goa.

One and a half hour car journey showed sings of being so long because i have travelled 500 kms in one hour where as car is just covering 1/10th in the same time . “Hats off wright brothers “ 😛 my gray matter silently uttered. Finally, we were in our apartment. Cool nights have gone and I wondered how Chennai’s sun is also here in goa ? Too muggy! We hired scooters for traveling with a tourist guide. The lonely drinker of us got a pint beer for INR 40 whereas i got a water bottle costing INR 50 . “what a locale man ?” he exclaimed. The first half of the day was spent in Dolphin ride, Colva beach . There were some spots like central jail, house of a diamond merchant and dolphins were the celebrity of the show.

The other half of the day was exciting with water sporting activities like para sailing, banana ride, bumper ride and Jet ski rides at Baga beach. Remember, Baga is the happening beach of Goa. It is because of the enthusiastic crowd (especially foreign & hindi people; yes, speaking about girls 😛 ), all water sporting activities, the shaded recliners at daytime and candle light tables during night (till early morning). Water sporting is really a must experience that we should never let slip, Of all parasailing was the ultimate. It was like just having a view of the sea from 10th floor. A scenic view of Goa beach at a higher altitude during sun set was just fabulous. The way he dipped us in water was also remarkable. All other rides were also good as these cannot be fully imagined and felt by words rather go ,enjoy! Amidst these enjoyment, all these costs much. you pay a nominal rate at the counter but your desires will be kindled by the sailor and he claims extra money for a worthy trip. we were also a victim of the trick at first.

Apart from serene beauty of Goa, generally Goa is all about swindling. Locals of Goa will always look for draining money from you. Beware, this is really cautious. Language will be a problem because everywhere hindi plays a heroic role. Even you can’t be successful playing the violin in english. Eddy is the only hindi speaker, so we survived. Lokesh’s epic dialogue to every vendor made us negotiate the price of a product to its 1/3rd. It is “ khya ho bhaiya ?!! “ It became the official buzzword of the trip. Every good timing delivery of the buzzword holds best humor.

We were stunned by the glimpse of the baga’s evening. so we returned to baga after a refreshment break at the room. we occupied a candle lit table and started having mock-tails filled with gossips. Time passed on, we thought of returning to apartment. On the way back we decided to have a look at Tito’s lane (A lane in baga beach where all famous pubs are present ). Trust me, you will never find this place in Indian style. All those colorful lights glowing, loud musics bumping around the ear,beautiful girls around — wow what an ambience ? wait, don’t worry Single is always Single no matter where ever you go either it is Goa or Bangkok. With that visual treat we terminated our day.

The best time of the trip is not only what we spectate or experience in goa but also having a good chat / kalai with our buddies. We had early night sessions like photoshoots,dubsmash,dancing,imitating scenes, all that was jollification. Next day we had planned for an island trip. It covered dolphin show, Fishing, Snorkeling, lunch as per the agenda. Hearing“Chainsmoker’s Closer” in bluetooth speakers somehow saved us from dozing off during the prolonged boat journey. Near an island, we were instructed to jump after suiting up with snorkeling kit. Swim was good but it was the jellyfishes that made the swim worth it. The feel of jellyfish around while swimming, drove us in fear. Eddy was the worst of us in this regard, he almost drenched us in water pushing him forward. Jellyfish’s sting is painful and allergic to some. Few of us got stringed by it, but only lokey was allergic and his hands got swollen. Unlimited beer and alcohol were a part of the package. For an alcoholic gang this trip is one hell of a chance to go high, Obviously not for us. Fish and Chicken fry were served in barbecue style. Overall food was worthy and quenched the hunger. we returned and had a nap. “Saturday night “ excited us going to Tito’s Lane but the place was not as enthusiastic as the day before. we spent some time in beach and we ended up in a local pub. Music was high and dance floor rocked(hidden goa elements were present here ).

Third day is personally my favorite. We hired a Thar (mahindra open type jeep). Influenced by the vacational type cinemas, we actually hired it . We had a open air ride to fort aguda, anjuna beach and been to south goa for visiting churches. This was very fun filled trip as like in movies. Even I desired to execute this plan, but know what ? Thar just fucked us. It drained our day till evening due to repair. We were exhausted and went nearby for a sightseeing point after which we opted for shopping. Thor drained our energy and shopping drained our money. My pals were giving orders for a named wood carving keychain for their dear ones.There was this guy whose pro tem nickname was “Kili” who ordered multiple keychains for his dear mutiples 😛. We became shocked as we came to know that he has a girl for every alphabet (may be you can easily guess him). All that shopping ended soon finishing our dinner and we were on the run towards airport after settling for bikes,apartment,cab everything by Net-transfer because of Modi-Effect. This Modi-Effect actually troubled us daily, finding ourselves on the last of a long queue for ATM.

The trip is gonna end officially with a last flight together. At this point we were notified about those JJ’s health issue and we were damn struck for further moves as we have to travel from bangalore to chennai by bus. With brave and heavy heart of missing my pals we got detached and boarded a sleeper bus. All those last scenes was engrossed with Ticket booking , media transfers via Share it , Uber bookings. We have dreamt of posting many live videos on FB, taking up mannequin challenges but till the last nothing was pulled off.

Fun courtesy: Lokey ! you have never been with us to a trip, atlast you too made it. Overloaded fun is only because of you macha !