To get high-availability with PostgreSQL, you definitely want to set up replication. My preferred approach is to set up the database instances in geographically apart locations, to minimize the probability of them going down simultaneously.

There are built-in options like logical replication and streaming replication. Streaming replication doesn’t give you 2-way replication or mirroring, so that’s out for me. This article doesn’t get into 2-way replication yet. I’ll add it later or write another article to add 2-way replication. Here is a detailed comparison between pglogical and logical replication. The biggest plus with pglogical for me is conflict resolution.


A good part of my role as CTO has been building a software development team. During this process, I've seen all kinds of resumes and all kinds of applicants. I thought I’d write this up to help applicants improve their application approach. I’m going to try to skip the obvious that’s been repeated ad-nauseam across the net.

These tips are focused on US based positions. Tweak accordingly for your country.

- You don’t need a photo on your resume. Please remove it if you have one — this is not a modeling position. - If you have a photo on…

Naveed Ahmed


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