Ruby web development in india

Ruby on rails development in india

  • As per the assignment Navyug finalized the Application Architecture, Designed and Developed the entire ruby WEB APPLICATION — Which performs full analysis of a client’s current financial status — including income, savings, loans and assets and draws a comprehensive plan to achieve financial freedom.
  • Azad is a client friendly “Web Application” that helps “AZAD’s Financial Experts” in creating financial plans for clients and displaying the same to the clients instantly.
  • Client can always assess and compare his / her financial progress as per his financial plan.


  • Technologies : Ruby, Javascript, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Platforms : Rails, Nodejs and EmberJS Developed for Web.
  • Database : PostgreSQl.
  • Testing Tools : AWS, Jenkins for CI, Rspec, Teaspoon, Selenium, Cucumber for Integration Testing, Chef, Vagrant and Capistrano for Depl.