3 Ways To Prepare A Toddler For A New Sibling

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Toddlers And Change

Toddlers are resilient and adaptive than we often give them credit for. More times than not, how quickly and well toddlers adjust to any given situation depends heavily on how we engage them. Admittedly, some situations can be a little trickier than others. Still, our children take their cues from us. So we ought to be careful about the messages we send them regarding any particular situation.

How To Prepare A Toddler For A New Sibling

Having a new baby come into the picture can be a tough situation for a toddler to adjust to. This is due in large part to the fact that the large majority of the parents’ time and attention is being paid to the newborn. Still, as challenging as it may be, it is not an impossible situation. Parents can deal with this sort of situation by doing the following:

Addressing The Inevitable Before It Happens

It is important to talk to your toddler in ways that he or she can understand about the baby brother or sister on the way before the baby actually arrives. This will help your toddler to not be caught off guard when the new baby arrives. In addressing the imminent arrival of a new sibling, it is important to keep communication clear and open. This will help ensure that your toddler truly understand what will happen.

Give Them A New Role

It is important that toddlers have a clear role when a new sibling is on the way. This will help him or her to better adjust as they know where they fit. As such, be open to questions and help your toddler understand that he or she is now going to be a big brother or sister who will help take care of his or her younger sibling. This will help to reduce confusion and jealousy which often comes when roles are not clear and communication is muddy.

Keep Them Engaged

Finally, after all the prep work comes D-day. It is important that when the new sibling does arrive that you keep you toddler engaged. Continue to keep the lines of communication open and involve him or her in helping to take care of the new baby. This will help your toddler to feel included.

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