Flying with a Toddler — What and What not to Do

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Flying with a toddler.

It’s the adventure you never wanted to have. Flying with a toddler can be challenging to say the least, especially if you're ill prepared. It pays to have your ducks in a row before you hit the tarmac.

Flying with a Toddler — You Had One Job…

Have you seen the meme floating around for when something is really, really flubbed? The “You had ONE job…” one? Yep, that one. When it comes to flying with a toddler, that is your one job. We love our toddlers. They are adorable rays of sunshine, however other people on the plane may not find our kids’ adorable antics quite so endearing.

Keep Them Occupied

The importance of having multiple distractions on hand when flying with a toddler cannot be over emphasized enough. A distracted toddler is a happy toddler, and a happy toddler makes a happy plane. Always keep a coloring book on hand, as well as your tablet fully charged, packed with kids apps, and easily accessible for your toddler’s entertainment. Story time can be great on a plane, too. Just keep the goofy voices to a whisper. =D

Keep Them Close

This is so important on so many levels when you're flying with a toddler. First of all, safety first. If your toddler isn't with you, there’s no telling what they could be getting into or who could be speaking with them. Secondly, an unattended toddler is a wandering game show host. I won’t deny that being interviewed by a toddler with five zillion questions is extremely cute, but not everyone feels that way. When you’re flying with a toddler its your job to keep the wandering and interviews to a minimum.

Keep Your Skin Thick

Okay, so I know I just laid out all of the things you should do to keep your toddler from annoying everyone on the plane. Sometimes, you lose the battle, though. When that happens, don't let the jerk face two seats back make you feel terrible because your two year old doesn't sit nice like an adult. Also remember that when your toddler starts crying from their ears popping. It’s going to happen. As long as you've done your best, the other passengers will just have to deal.

You Can do This!

Fear not, traveler. You can fly the friendly skies with minimal pain and suffering if you remember what’s been laid out here. When flying with a toddler, don't forget the most important things: distraction, proximity, and a thick skin. If you have those, flying with a toddler will be a piece of cake. Okay, it won't be a piece of cake, but it WILL be a lot easier.

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