5 Steps to Ace Social Media Management

Are you a student at the University of Florida taking Social Media Management? Well, with the help of Canva I put together these five simple steps to help you ace UF Social Media Mgmt.

Since there are various assignments, quizzes and projects for this course, the first thing you should do is jot down deadlines. You can invest in a planner, or try to score a free one at Turlington Square during the first week of classes. You can also use your cellphone or computer to set reminders to check Canvas on a regular basis.

Next, since this is an online course you should fully complete the modules. Make sure you are watching all the lectures and guest interviews, as well as completing all the readings. Not only will your professor pull quiz and exam questions directly from these materials, but the modules will also help you complete the weekly assignments.

Next, plan accordingly so you never miss a deadline. Give yourself ample time to complete assignments, and break up major projects into smaller sections you can complete slowly.

I also recommend you download all the materials from each module so you can review them regularly. Not only will this help you absorb the information better, but it will also ensure you do not have to cram before the midterm or final. The last step to ace this course is to get creative. You shouldn’t think about this as just another class. This is an excellent opportunity to build your credibility on various social media platforms, and develop your brand.

Be authentic, consistent and organized and you will pass Social Media Management with flying colors.

Good luck, and as always Go Gators!