A Fabolous Holiday: Hip Hop’s Best Slept Secret

Fabolous “The Young OG Project”

There are a few things you can always expect this time of year. Cold winters, shopping, and Fabolous dropping off consistent gifts of euphonies. His latest bodacious bestowal is “The Young OG Project”. Coming off his outstanding “Soul Tape” series, “The Young OG Project” is eleven tracks of 90’s inspired and infused impressive production from C-Sick, Mally The Martian, Phonix Beats, Boi-1da, Chase N. Cashe, The Superiors, Mark Henry Beats, Vinylz, and DJ Relly Rell. Features are well balanced with Fab linking up with Chris Brown, Rich Homie Quan, French Montana, Tish Hyman, Velous, and a humorous piece from Kevin Hart. The project bears witness to a Young OG paving his way to the Rap Gods. No award, sale, or list can describe the consistency of excellence Fabolous delivers. As the Brooklyn native ascends into classic territory “The Young OG Project” certifies he is who he proclaims to be…a Young OG.

The opening track “Lituation”, Fabolous jumps out of the gate doing what he does best. Capturing the genius 90’s hybrid production and dropping grimey street bars while getting listeners hip to a “Lituation” in his Cocky, Calm and Cool Fab Flow. “This a movie get your googles n****, it gets deep get your scuba n****, I got the swipers in the gun shop, I got the shooters in the Uber n****.” The projects tempo is instantly and smoothly switched in “We Good”. Fabolous bounces reassuring bars of success in triple cadence while Rich Homie Quan handles the hook with his pleasantly hoarse and husky vocals.

Fabolous distinctive diamond in his music is the relatable realness in his words. Fab tracks are similar to the wisdom received after engaging in a conversation with an admired elder in the family. He speaks confidently in progressive struggles that may come, knowing and understanding every experience. On “All Good” and “You Made Me”, Fabolous delivers those rewindable lines, jaw jerking punchlines, and soul touching verses spewing tales of truths and triumphs. “Life’s a gamble I wish good luck for the betters, Take a risk n**** you gotta shoot to miss n****, Time is golden like that Roley on you wrist nigga”. In “You Made Me” Fab spits “Tried to have my head all twisted, Won’t let them braid me, I just got to be who I be, Don’t let it jade me, Life gave me lemons, its time to lemonade me, Music to my ears, the lies they serenade me.”

One challenge Fabolous once battled seemed to be finding the thin misleading line of a “radio hit”. The project shows Fab is truly at his best when he simply makes music. The Nas inspired beat from hit “Oochie Wally” on “She Wildin’ ” gives “The Young OG Project” the hit texture every artist searches for. On the refreshing uptempo track, Fabolous and Chris Brown conspire a hit destined to hit the charts. Fabolous’ success is accredited to great timing and ability to insert relevant issues and themes into his art. The social media inspired titled “Cinnamon Apple” shows his stellar storytelling ability while sharing a musical story about youthful heartbreak. On “Ball Drop” Fab and French Montana have perfect sonic holiday timing. The bass throbbing soulful tune is a selection of melodies, harmonies, whooaa whooaa, whooaasss, and dope flows. The track motivates cutting off negativity moving forward to the new year.

“Rap and Sex” is a particular favorite on the project. Chicago’s premiere producer C-Sick handles a monstrous production while Fab evolves. He is more valorous with his flows and beat selection. His hooks have more bounce and bang, while still maintaining that Cocky, Calm and Cool Fab Flow. C-sick creates a heart pounding, ghostly beat. Suddenly, the track swerves into a deeper and darker, throwed tornado. The two explore insertions of rappers ad libs and catchphrases throughout the verse. Ironically, his verse truthfully displays the dynamic artist Fabolous has become. Every line mentioned reflects an element of sound and music Fab includes in “The Young OG Project”. The energy of Meek Mill, articulation of Mase, a boss flow like Rick Ross, story telling skills of Nas, melodic talents of Drake, street authenticity of Chicago’s music scene, and the hometown charm of Jadakiss and French Montana. Fabolous is heir to the throne of rap royalty and doing it his way.

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