“Before The Future Hive Hype”

An Interlude to Dirty Sprite 2

“Dirty Sprite 2” drops this week on July 17th. Future’s recent rapid rampage of the rap game guarantees everyone will be tuning in. It will be downloaded, streamed, bought, and reviewed. So consider this an interlude if you will, to Future’s biggest release to date “Dirty Sprite 2”

In this current microwave minded society our eagerness for the next, often makes us forgetful of the past. Future making good music is nothing new. He’s been a codeine crazy, molly popping, magical melody having, strip club rocking, Firemarshall for quite some time. Future has been consistent in setting the musical tone, texture, and tempo for the rap game while providing a dungeon of hits. Before “Commas” he had “Racks”, when he didn’t have “Real Sisters” he had two at the “Same Damn Time”, and before his “March Madness”, there was “Magic”. For the day one Future fans, July 17th will be a day of saluting an artist who grind and earned his way to the top. There is still love for the new Future fans who want to jump on the bandwagon. Now before you go Googling “Future Hit Songs” check below and follow the yellow brick road of hits from Future Hendrix…The Wizard.

“Racks”| “Racks” was Future’s first real break out hit. His feature with YC brought high energy and a contagious repetitive hook that made “Racks” one of the biggest songs of 2011.

“Magic”| Future’s hit “Magic” made its mark in the infamous Atlanta strip club Magic City. The Astronaut Kid created the catchy hit after leaving a mystical night out at Magic City. There it was..Poof..Wallah..Magic.

“Tony Montana”| Before he was Future Hendrix he was “Tony Montana”. The unexpected break out hit rose through the underground and became so big it called for Drake’s first feature. The recent touring and collaboration by Future and Drake is not the first time the two stars have linked up. They seem to always share respect for each others craft.

“Turn On The Lights”| “Turn On The Lights” was one of the first songs Future dipslayed his unique vocal range and stretch. He went from high pitch beats, with light loopy flows to a more mellow and melodic tone and tempo. His bars about bucks and dope became flattering lyrics to the ladies.

“Same Damn Time”| Tracks such as “Same Damn Time” showed Future’s raw reckless abandoned energy as he rips through production with a surging flow. Future always keeps a street banger in his pocket that is ready to explode at any time.

“Move That Dope”| This song was a big sound for Future. Collaborating with the abstract production of the great Pharrell and talents of Pusha T was a great look. Future found the perfect touch and flow for this hit. His energy, vocals, and creative crafty flow “Whippin’ the yam, Whipping and flippin’ the yam, Turn the whole brick to a Lam, Re-rockin’ the dope, soon as it get off the boat” layed the groundwork for the smash hit.

“Monster”| For Future’s 2015 run it all began with “Monster”. I can remember back when it dropped on October 28th 2014. I was anxious to see what sound Future cooked up for his latest release. “Monster” showed Future was back with a brand new sound and bounce. The fun loving, booty shaking video displayed Metro Boomin, Dj Esco, and Future dancing and moving with cheerful charisma and chemistry.

It was impossible to not notice these guys were doing what they love and doing it well. Future’s real and raunchy lyrics bled with truth and honesty.

“Throw Away”| “Throw Away” was not one of the biggest tracks on “Monster” as far as hits go, but it was vital in laying the landscape. Future’s revealing and relatable themes towards dating and relationships struck a nerve for listeners as they embraced Future’s deep, dark, emotion.

“Codeine Crazy”| This swirling spiral of sounds and melodies hypnotized listners into a resonating sound. The oozing, droopy, and nodding vibe plus Future’s painfully honest lyrics created an numbing feeling….


It is considered the biggest hit of the year. The track picked up steam right where it should, in the heart of Atlanta. “Commas” thrived and bumped in clubs everywhere. It earned its flame and fizzle in Atlanta and spread from city to city, club to club, making it a must play at every event. It’s always bittersweet to see the trap rappers ascend because it’s easy for them as artist to be misrepresented and misunderstood. However, its sweet to know that that prolific sound heard months ago caught on.


“Lay Up” & “Real Sisters”| The sudden project “Beast Mode” sent Future into another gear. His relentless release of projects caught people off guard. “Beast Mode” spawned more bangers such as “Lay Up”. The classic feather like piano keys from the prestigous Zaytoven and Future’s blunt dating expectations made this a hit in the streets. Future continued the string

of heat and boldness on “Real Sisters”. These tracks were also buzzing around the same time as “Commas” and a handful of delighful Future features.

…Then 56 Nights Was Crazy

|56 Nights|

“Trap Niggas” & “March Madness”|Future reached a new depth. The dark, deep, and delusional project made it officially Future Season. “Trap Niggas” inspired a motivating perspective towards poverty stricken communities. It put the trap in an uproar. Future knew how to perfectly submerge his runny drenched vocals and lyrics in the crooks and crannies of Southside’s dense and dirty beats.

“March Madness” is by far the most profound song from Future in 2015. The tracks timing, unique melody, and memorizing flow is a sound staple. The song spread like wildfire. After hearing “March Madness”, it is easy to find yourself humming or singing the addictive hook and tune.

JULY 17 2015

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