Valee /Vuh-lay/
...The Rise of a new Chicago Sound…

Hearing a new song is a special feeling. The mesmerizing melody dancing in your head, the ear gripping tone of a groovy voice, the catchy chorus or hook hanging in your mind, and remembering where you were when you first heard it. All of these things describes the magical experience of getting put on new dope music. That’s what happened when I first heard Valee /vuh-lay/. The upcoming Chicago star released a plethora of projects “12:12”, “1:11”, “2:22” and “12:12 Again!”. Each project gave drops and doses of who this mysterious creative was. The first track on Valee’s “2:22” is “Shell”. This song has dramatically shaken Chicago, smashed into a new lane, and shows just how dope he is. The self produced hit “Shell” is changing Chicago Hip Hop. The deep organ and eerie vibe entices listeners into a trance. Suddenly…a cool, raspy voice plops onto the track. “Walked out Gucci then cross the street….”

Value “Shell” by LVTRKevin & LVTRToinne

“Shell” is the biggest Chicago song within recent years. “Shell” and Valee’s uncanny charisma and talents has his name ringing in all the right circles. Prior to Valee, Chicago’s music stood divided. The cracking Drill scene and dope Chicago rappers lived in two separate worlds sonically. Besides a few standouts, many artists aren’t played on 87th and Wicker Park. Valee destroys this divide. His fly, lavish, trap raps appeals to both sides of musical expressions.

The Chicago sound and star quality can be a tricky thing. From the real rap bars of Common, cool sound of Twista and Do or Die, soulful stirrings of Ye, and the harsh validity of Drill, the music has always been a reflection of the city. This rich music history makes Valee a star in which Chicago music hasn’t seen. In recent years Chicago’s music has been plentiful but just like the city, segregated. Valee’s wide collection of melodies, creativity, flows, and production brings Chicago together to support a unified sound and lifestyle. Some artist got labeled as too “Drill” or too “Conscious”, too flashy or not flashy enough. Valee balances all scales and covers all bets in properly representing the Chicago way. Another strength of Valee is his range and experiences outside of Chicago. His travels to Miami, Atlanta, LA, and St. Louis, etc. all layer his Chicago music core. This enhances his stories, rhythms, beat selection, and lavish shopping habits. Valee’s street savvy and traptacular with a mysterious demeanor. This balance allows the Chicago star to rock Metro and pull up to Red Diamond.

Valee’s come up is like a silent assassin. His image and access has been mysterious and limited. This fits perfectly with his creative and dope boy, loner swag. Today’s artist exhaust social media outlets and drain their personality and lifestyle. Valee seems to move much differently, doing his talking with the music. Every hip hop mind is vibing to “Shell” and talking about Valee but Valee isn’t doing much talking. It is beyond refreshing to witness an organic rise based simply on the music. Valee’s unpredictable, difficult to duplicate, and dripping of charisma. The mellow mood and tone of his voice meshes seamlessly on tracks. He knows his pitches and range and executes it with perfection. Verses are filled with veracity and authenticity. His lingo, subjects, and jargon speaks to a Chicago street life that can only be experienced. Instead of babbling about bullets, Valee brags, boasts, and shines on his trap trials and tribulations. His harmonies, ad-libs, and creative cadences creates his own musical palette.

Valee’s music is created and built off of the super productions of ChaseTheMoney and Rio Mac. Valee has worked with both producers throughout his early music catalog. The two have crafted two distinctive, yet fitting music styles for Valee to create. The Chicago producer Rio Mac provides Valee with spacey, unconventional tunes and sounds. These sounds push Valee’s creativity and allows him to float effortlessly across tracks. Rio Mac has stapled his patent sound on a handful of songs. One of their standout songs is “Seen Her Before”. Rio Mac’s knack for smooth, melodic, tempos and texture uplifts Valee to another level. The harmonizing jam has Valee crooning beautifully (with no auto tune) while describing his encounter with a pretty young lady.

ChaseTheMoney has created the perfect palette for Valee as well. At only 20 years old, the St. Louis genius is already building a huge name for himself. Their refreshing sound has an orchestra of enriching and fulfilling thuds. The dim, gloomy, heart pounding bass, throws listeners into their shadowy galaxy of harmony. Valee and ChaseTheMoney represent and rejuvenate sounds from their respected cities. Valee’s Chicago slang, rugged mannerism, and catchy charisma mix and matches perfectly with ChaseTheMoney’s St. Louis’s bounce, depth, and melodies.

This is only the early beginning for Valee. His two new projects are slated to drop within the next two months. Valee and DJ Bandz will be releasing “1988” on April 10th. Following that, Valee and ChaseTheMoney link up for their joint effort “VTM” on May 21st. Let Valee season begin.

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