..Who is Having as Much Fun as 2 Chainz???

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2 Chainz has been dope for years now. Back when he was rapping with Dolla, rocking with DTP and Young Money, there was always something special. Over the years, success has come, names have changed but 2 Chainz’s uncanny animation, and his Georgia tone have remained stellar. In 2016, 2 Chainz sounds like he is having the most fun in Hip Hop. Tity Boi began the year capitalizing on timely dabbing Christmas sweaters. From there he began spitting some of the most furious, energizing, and ignorant bars of the year. You can hear the seasoning, the passion, and definitely the fun. On 2 Chainz and Wayne’s collaborative project “COLLEGROVE” a discussion takes place. The two superstars address the importance of enjoyment in your rap career. “You got to know how to have fun when you getting these checks man.” During a conversation that millions would’ve love to hear, 2 Chainz casually tells Wayne that it is important to have fun when fighting through rap finances. He goes on to share insight on how key passions are for him. The giant ATLien has been practicing what he’s been preaching. On several songs this year 2 Chainz raps have gleamed in joy, excitement, and unpredictability. He has been a go-to for features all year and has not disappointed. Here are some of the tracks where 2 Chainz sounds like he is having a ball.

2 Chainz|“Not Invited”|

This TM88 produced track is a standout on “COLLEGROVE”. 2 Chainz bursts onto this soothing track in a Trap tirade. He is relentless, surges with aggression, and is ridiculously witty. His lyrics land and pummel the beat perfectly. 2 Chainz is direct and intentional with his bouncy and braggadocios delivery. This infectious rhythm pattern set the tone for how 2 Chainz would continue to destroy verses and features in 2016.

Chance The Rapper ft. 2 Chaniz & Lil Wayne| “No Problem”

Without a doubt, Chance hit a homerun with “Coloring Book”. The project is up for debate as a classic. Chance also found a hit in “No Problem”. The soulful production and feel good spirts make the track addictive and delightful. 2 Chainz and Wayne make duo memorable appearances as they elevate the song into the stratosphere. 2 Chainz lunges onto the track in a spree of dope ass, ignorant, and creative bars. He gives insight of his thoughts, passions, dab sessions with God, and hilariously calls out people wearing fake “Yeezys”. Tity Boi laces the track with several charismatic and quotable lines.

Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo, & Desiigner| “Champions”

What a line up, so many talented artist and good music all on one song. Everyone stepped up and knocked it out the park on this one. However, 2 Chainz took it to another level. 2 Chainz desires and veteran status rips through Ye and Travis’s blaring horns and knocking 808’s. 2 Chainz went bar for bar with every artist on the track. There seems to be in focused and locked in. He graces each tracks every time he steps in the booth. The remembrances of College Park memories, Magic City bounce, and 2 Chainz articulation of Atlanta vernacular makes his presence unprecedented.

Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz & Future|Magic City Monday

2 Chainz latest releases continue his streak of excellence. Atlanta captains Jeezy, Future, and 2 Chainz bring it all back to the A where much of this Atlanta magic began. 2 Chainz flow takes it down dirty south memory lane. His lethargic, arrogance, and stuttered cadence pulls you up to Magic City’s parking lot. There seems to be no end to the melodies and flows that 2 Chainz can accurately use, create, and execute. Tity Boi brings authentic energy and legit Trap stories that are transcending him and lacing him on everyone’s tracks.

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