The Mango Seed Baby

Hertz Nazaire
Mar 15, 2018 · 1 min read

The Mango Seed Baby, is a book I’ve been writing about my life and thoughts in my mind since 1998. This was suppose to help me cope with depression and the pain of Sickle Cell Disease.

Recently, I have been feeling terrified of my own writing and my own voice from looking back at my own growth through the words I wrote over the years.

How can you be terrified of your own voice?

It can happen when you start saying things about yourself, the world out there never knew about your mind.

I still have a bit more to write, but I hope to self-publish sometime this year.

Artist: Hertz Nazaire

Hertz Nazaire

Written by

ハイチのスーパーフラット #KingsOfHaiti Artist PAINter #Haiti - Life is shorter than we can hope for... I wish to dedicate the days I have to inspiring compassion with Art

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