Identify Judgemental/negative people

Some People are so judgmental,no matter how successful or struggling you are,they will always try to find weaknesses in your life or try to arraign you just for their self satisfaction ,Example of those people are like

“ A fly that is always sitting on wound “.

They have their own reasons to judge others.putting their nose into other’s matters is their favorite hobby .They will never inspired by anyone .Their typical talks are like if you are ..

  • Happily married!! Oh why so early ??if single !!Why wasting your time you should find a partner🛑
  • Having a baby !!hey i think your child need a brother/sister🤦🏻‍♀️Having Multiple kids!! Oh man how you will raise them in limited salary🛑
  • To an Obese person!!you should avoid junk food and unhealthy lifestyle (without knowing may be he/she is suffering with some medical issue).
  • 🛑Riding a by cycle !! Hey bro why don’t You buy a car 🛑 going on car !!hey walk is good for health😂
  • What happened to your dressing sense!!so outdated 🛑
  • Showing or sharing your new things !!nice but …..🛑and this “but” will explain you their personality traits, Their jealousy .

In simple words they never satisfied or happy with other’s success,or other’s Happiness.Their self-centred personality will only give you pessimistic remarks.You are excited to share some big achievement or good news But when you want to tell this to a negative person, you will hesitate. Why? You know that they will always find a way to make it sound negative. They will caution you to be careful, warn you of the dangers,you need to be very careful about these toxic people,never take their advises seriously ,better to hide your plan and not to share until you achieve your goals because

A negative mind will never give you a positive life😉

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