AndelaKE : Day 5

So Schwarz Freitag means Black Friday…

That was the title on the whiteboard today. I believe it alludes to the fact that some of us will be receiving news of not proceeding with the boot-camp’s week two. Anyhow, our warm-up today was very interesting. Firstly it was at Kindaruma, the future of Andela Kenya, at least in Dr. Rosenberg’s words. The place is spacious. I was privileged to share some games, which I believe we all enjoyed and learnt from. The space provided us room to shout all we wanted. Surely, this is the future.

Our final food-for-thought for the week went well. Notable improvement from most of us. I learnt that one should always be prepared before any speech no matter how conversant you are with the topic. At least Joshua Mwaniki (Josh) had told us that the evening before. In fact it can have diverse consequences like losing a client let alone getting fired, he had added. Now whilst sharing, little did we know, there would be brown-bag, where we would pick some more tips, during lunch. I let you in on this one, later on.

Coding today was undertaken by both Nandaa and Godson. I’m getting the hang of it every passing day. The Andelabs continue to be instrumental. Attention to detail is emphasized through and through. I’m realizing that the important thing to do here at Andela is to improve my thought-process on how to face a problem and get its solution. Surprisingly, I reckon, it is something only the individual themselves can accomplish.

So earlier I said I’ll let you in on brown-bag session. This is where Andela fellows and staff every Friday share what they are passionate about. It doesn’t have to be tech. In fact today’s was on: Dairy Farming by Koech. In case you are wondering why the name- brown bag, then, it is because after the session, the speaker is presented with a brown-bag containing strips of paper with the names of all staff and fellows. From these, the next one will be called out. The gavel fell on Nyambura for the coming week’s brown-bag.

The day closed with my having a personal refresher on the week’s lessons but concentration for most of us quickly ebbed when anxiety set in during the elimination period, where several of us were called out to be told their fate. I am excited to inform you that nine of us plus myself proceed to the final week of boot-camp: the last qualifier to become an Andela fellow. Projects, tests and everyone’s eyes monitoring from left and right await us. Probably even more strict this time. However, I choose to view it as joy, learning and positive pressure to squeeze the best out of me await. I’m excited at the thought of it. Lets await.

I’ll be traveling to the coast, some obligation I am happy to attend to, then join the guys, I now know as friends, if not family on Monday. Do enjoy your weekend. Cheers.