Starting to Network…

When I first came to college, meeting people was something that I wanted to do for fun. I wanted to meet people that I’ve never seen or wasn’t from a big city like DC, where I am from. Before coming to Greensboro, I was always told, “It’s who you know not what you know nowadays”. But, back then I was a kid who didn’t want to hear about the importance of making connections or meeting people who I thought at that time couldn’t get me nowhere. That was a big fail. But, even when I got to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I was only meeting people to say, yea I know them, instead of yes I know him and he knows someone in the field that I want to go in. Being popular was the thing that I was striving for and not knowing the importance of meeting people. It wasn’t until my first semester Junior year, last year, which I started to recognize something. What am I going to do when I get out of school? That was the biggest question for me at that time. I sat there for about an hour just thinking about all of the possibilities I had and all of the opportunities that I could have furthered for my career. That is when I started to get heavy on Linkedin. And from there, is when I knew of the possibilities and opportunities that I lost.

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