The Future of Yahoo with Marissa Mayer or without ?

After 1000 days the challenge is still existing for Marissa Mayer to make the expected turnaround for Yahoo. She avidely invest a lot of money, for Blogs, Social services, image recognition etc. Now it’s time to consolidate all the services to the Yahoo box? The Alibaba spin-off doesn’t look nearly as lucrative as it did before the Chinese markets got crushed in August and September. Since few years i monitor the activities and try to find the constraints why she’s running out of time. After i check the results “not indicative of the performance we want,” Mayer said in Tuesday’s earnings call. “We have encountered challenges and not achieved the results we had hoped for.”

The questions are:

  1. What things must happen to reach the results they planned?
  2. Where is the focus and the futures of Yahoo?
  3. What are the constraints which impede the way to success?

My recommendations for Yahoo in order to growing for the next years:

  1. What are the problems of the users (in particular Facebook, Apple and Google) in 2–5 years?
  2. What services can be offered for Fintech, BigData, security, cloud services?

3. Do we have already the best affiliate and advertising services in the internet ? What are the disadvanteges of the current advertising market?

4. Which dependencies of topics connect with Search are present and logically? e.g. If the Chinese market is not growing and the barell oil will be more expensive -> the search result should be explained in:

4 out of a long list of my ideas to help Yahoo moving forward!

How much time still remains to make the right decision?

The missed 3 years can not be obtained in 2 years. But as an experienced manager Marissa Mayer determined to get the right recommendations of the right advisors, so she does not need my idea collection/brainstorming for the next unicorns.