I’d love to be a part of a team that is able to create something beneficial for a large mass of people. I’d also like to have a large family that I can provide for without too much stress in my life. The cherry on top for me personally, would be to get married in Hawaii and to be able to fly my friends and family out for the weekend. These two fairly small feats would make my life feel complete and I don’t think it’s asking for too much. Many people have done both and I’m sure I can too.

I’m going to The Iron Yard to learn how to think like a software engineer and to become a programmer at a start-up company. I would enjoy watching a small company grow and to be part of team of developers building something useful and cool. I owned and operated an Internet marketing company for the last 10 years and I would be an asset to a smaller company that’s just getting it’s feet wet. My goal is to create another company focused on development after growth as a junior-level programmer.

I’m the oldest student in my cohort and I’m surrounded by some bright minds. A few were even brought up with a computer in their lap. I wasn’t prepared for the mental challenge that The Iron Yard dished out to me the first two weeks. I’ve taken scores of college courses over a number of years and for the most part, I’m used to being in the top of my classes. I didn’t feel like I was in the top of my class these last two weeks and I came to the conclusion that I have to change my approach to tackling the course. This is a front-end immersive bootcamp and they don’t call it a bootcamp for the heck of it.

Immersive is what I signed up for, but maybe I wasn’t giving it my 100% effort. I’ve never really fully immersed myself in anything that I can think of other than building my own company. I’m going to have to go back to working 80 hour weeks and fully immerse myself and change the course of this boat.

We were introduced to Sass and Sass libraries along with using Github collaboratively in teams this week. I got the hang of Github, but I was confused with using Sass. It was a major setback for me this week, but I went in to see the teacher’s assistant on Sunday and he was able to explain to me how to set up and use Sass. I was just having trouble learning the tools in the beginning of the week and I had trouble with an assignment.

I really enjoy learning JavaScript and it is my strong suit when compared to html and css at this point. Luckily for me, we are approaching JavaScript functions and iterations this upcoming week, so I’ll feel much more confident with the material. Our big assignment for the week was to build a calculator using JavaScript. I was able to get it functioning fairly quickly during the week and spent the rest of the weekend styling it. I also posted a few notes on my desktop with short-cuts to use in the console and to run Github and Sass.

Every week at The Iron Yard brings me closer to my goals. Before I know it, I’ll be a at a cool start-up company working on something cool and interesting. I can’t promise you that I’ll have a large family or that I’ll have that wedding in Hawaii with my friends and family, but I can promise you that I’ll be working somewhere that is worthwhile and I’l be assisting a team to take their product or service to the next level.