27 Facts About Myself

  1. I was born in Chicago but my family is from Pakistan
  2. I have no middle name (I don’t know why)
  3. My friends call me Nebby and my inner circle calls me Nabil
  4. I feel I have two homes. One in Chicago and the other here in Dallas. I really miss Chicago a lot sometimes
  5. My all time favorite fighting game is Street Fighter III: Third Strike
  6. I never actually intended for commentary to become a thing. I just started commentating because I thought I would be a cool thing to do
  7. I’ve never been naturally talented at anything. I’m a charismatic individual who works hard and smart
  8. I go out of my way to find weird and obscure fighting games
  9. I am a huge art nerd. I love going to conventions and buying prints and meeting artists. I have zero talent in that field so I really admire the people who do
  10. I get weirded out when people call me Sir or Mister
  11. While I have been gifted two Amiibos (Pikachu and Mario), I don’t understand the appeal of them. I have them still in their packaging displayed on my shelves
  12. I love character action games by Hideki Kamiya. These include Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta, & Wonderful 101
  13. Marvel comics are my go to brand. While I appreciate DC and it’s attention to detailed stories and the universe, there is just something about the characters of Marvel that draws me in
  14. While I enjoy comics, manga are also really big for me as well. One Punch Man has lately been stealing my heart
  15. I have never finished a Final Fantasy game outside of X. I’m working on beating 7 and 8 at the moment. These will be streamed
  16. I have never finished a Zelda game. The closest I got was Link To The Past. I have picked up
  17. The greatest wrestling game of all time is Def Jam Fight For NY. No questions asked
  18. My favorite run and gun is Gunstar Heroes
  19. Once Sonic went into 3D I lost all interest
  20. I was a Magic The Gathering nerd for many years. While I do miss the crazy loops and oddities of the game, I really have enjoyed playing Hearthstone a lot more
  21. I often forget the status that some of my friends carry and treat them just like anyone else
  22. I have a strong curiosity of other people
  23. If I could have any walk in music it would be Hekireki by Last Alliance. I’m a huge Hajime No Ippo fan and of boxing in general. This show makes me feel so many things
  24. If I didn’t have to worry about money and couldn’t be a caster I would go into teaching/coaching
  25. My dream is to eventually cast for ESL Gaming
  26. I feel like casting is the best thing to happen to me and is the perfect utilization for my current talent and skillset
  27. I so thankful for the friends and fans that I have made through esports and I’m looking forward to meeting many more

Reference: https://twitter.com/NebtuneFGC/status/677596607731204096

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