How Linux Frustrated Me Into Loving It
Just Jack

Very nice post.

I did have a nicer start than you but otherwise the rest of the experience is very similar. I think I read about Linux in a magazine and started to try it out from time to time. During a stay abroad my Windows installation broke down. Thankfully I had an Ubuntu 11.04 stick with me. I installed it on the computer and used it full time for the next two months. When I was back at home I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need Windows anymore and continued with Ubuntu. Since then I tried tons of distros and learned a great deal about computers. A year ago I started to setup my own servers. I am now as well at the point where I have a dedicated server running at home.

I started working in IT in October and I’m trying to get a job as a Linux Sys Admin now.

I’m looking forward to all the things I’m going to learn about Linux.

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