Fixing Twitter’s trolling, abusing, harassment & bullying

The One common thing about trolling, abusing, harassment & bullying on twitter is that they are dynamic in nature and mute feature introduced by twitter seems ineffective

So i would like to Introduce my solution to fix Twitter’s biggest problem.

Let’s say i abuse user Jeff on Twitter.

Jeff now tags my tweet as abusive. As soon as this action takes place, twitter will mute all my future tweets that i send to Jeff. Now, further action taken by Twitter will be in 3 parts

Part A: Muting re-tweets marked as abusive

Whoever now tries to re-tweet my tweets (my tweet marked as abusive by Jeff & all my future tweets), it won’t reach Jeff

Most of abusers have followers. These followers may try to send Jeff abusive tweets. This where Part B comes

Part B: Scanning followers to check surge in abusive tweets

Twitter will scan all the followers who follows me. When my followers try to re-tweet my tweets it won’t reach Jeff, as Part A is being initiated.

Followers may try to send their own abusive tweets to Jeff.

Let’s consider i have 10 followers. 1st tweet tweeted by random follower will reach Jeff, he will mark it as abusive. Once marked as abusive the same follower’s future tweets won’t reach Jeff due to Part A. 2nd tweet by another random follower reaches Jeff and he marks this tweet as abusive as well. For rest of my 8 followers, none of their tweet will reach Jeff due to Part B.

So how part B really works?

The abuser’s followers are like B2 bombers. What it means is, they will try to bombard Jeff with abusive tweets within a short period of time. Part B has to fulfill 2 criteria before it gets implemented. One, to check sudden surge in tweets by followers. Second, to see if the followers send abusive tweets to Jeff. If the answer is Yes, Jeff won’t see any of my followers tweets

Part B Corollary:

Lets say I have 20 followers and Jeff has 50 followers. There are 10 mutual or common followers that we both have. Once part B is initiated, all my 20 followers’ tweets won’t reach Jeff. But Jeff has special bonding with 2 of the 10 common followers and he doesn’t mind if they tweet abusive. So when common followers tweet, Jeff gets a message as “User Zhas sent you a tweet muted by Twitter. Click here to see”. If Jeff clicks to see the tweet he will get an option to un-mute all future tweets by user Z

Part C: Family Mute Filter:

Jeff, his family and his best friends are on twitter. Jeff thinks after i abuse him, i may try to abuse his family and friends as well. Jeff can go his mute list and then share the list of recently muted accounts with them.

Part A & B will be implemented simultaneous, while Part C will be initiated by user.

Jeff may have accidentally muted a known account. He can always go to the mute list and un-mute the account

Why muting and not blocking works?

Blocking of accounts makes no sense as abusers can create new accounts within few minutes & continue the job of abusing. But once a tweet is marked abusive, the accounts gets muted. So the abuser will never know if Jeff has read the tweet or not

I had first tweeted about this on 13 Jan 2017