Easy YouTube/Vimeo Gallery Integration

When I wanted to integrate multimedia content for my students using Blackboard or eCollege, it was never too difficult to just embed a YouTube video right into the Source/Author HTML of these Learning Management Systems. However, mixing YouTube and Vimeo presented me (and probably you as well) difficulties in trying to achieve a cohesive and nicely formatted page for my online classes.

It’s obvious that we need to create “Edutainment” content to keep students engaged, and just sending out video links in emails or providing a bulleted list of video links has not been effective for me. There is so much relevant, rich and topical content on these video sites that can really bolster learning. Organizing, updating and laying out content to match your course scheme does take time if you are not HTML savvy.

I recently discovered a plugin for WordPress that lets you aggregate and curate videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and not just cutting and pasting links, you are given the ability to create “Channels” of your own, devoid of any source branding. But it’s not just a plugin, it’s a platform. Yes, like Pinterest for videos. This process made me feel like an early adopter! :-)

I suppose it could be like embedding Vimeo links into Tumblr, but this “Huzzaz” site lets you create them in one location, with searchable tags and in multiple collections where you control the layout.

Here’s what I was able to do in just a few minutes:

  • Find YouTube and Vimeo videos that had to do with User Experience and User Interface design.
  • Create a channel on Huzzaz called “Adaptive Content” and add the videos.
  • Then I can alter the layout of my “Adaptive Content” Channel and share it in the WordPress plugin, or better yet, just copy the HTML code and paste it here:

So, it created an HTML Iframe and the content is ported from YouTube and Vimeo and organized at the Huzzaz platform where I can easily change the layout and the order of my videos about Adaptive Content, in this case UX videos. The link to my channel on Huzzaz is here.

[caption id=”attachment_143" align=”alignleft” width=”421"]

HTML Code for my Huzzaz “Adaptive Content” Gallery[/caption]

There is also the ability to change colors, branding, grid structure and paste into Tumblr. (My graphic shows that I used the HTML Code output, but I used the “Bruce Lee” layout).

Here’s the real attraction: you can manage these videos outside of your LMS (or wherever you are creating a curated video channel — Wix, Weebly, anywhere you have control of the HTML) you can basically create your own “best of the best” in video content from both YouTube and Vimeo without knowing how to create a website.

I’m using the “Pro” version which gives me more layout options. But the free version is fine since it is all created on Huzzaz’s social platform — where the videos you curate are also searchable.

KQED is using it here: http://ww2.kqed.org/imagemakers/screening-room/

I also understand that Huzzaz will be providing search analytics that are in addition to what YouTube and Vimeo provide. So there is the possibility of organizing content by viewer count, replays, etc.

Kudos! Thanks for saving me time today.

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