What do the new Facebook Emoticons mean for Social Media Marketers? Discussion:

Luckily, I have a friend in Ireland that was able to confirm to me today that the new Facebook Emoticons (Emojis) have been rolled out there as a test market. I wanted clarification on whether these icons were for posts or to be included in Facebook Pages as well. They are. They are in posts and on Facebook Pages for you, and your company/service. You may think I am delving into the minutia here, but considering how important the Facebook “Like” button is for consumer sentiment, this poses a remarkable challenge. It also invites a slew of trolls to engage.

After reporting on how the Facebook “Dislike” button would probably cause many people agita (given how a large majority of social media members that strive for that “thumbs up”) I present to you the 6 new, working versions that are being used in Ireland.

Now, yes, they are cute and somewhat innocuous in appearance, however they may present an issue for Social Media Marketers that use opinion mining. How will you interpret these for your product and service? Do most people know the difference between angry and “wow”? Imagine a poster to your page engaging in a customer service discussion about a product of yours that is not working for them. This is going to need quite an algorithm in order to decipher sentiment for you. What happens to the Thumb’s up? Are you prepared?

I love: You, Your Comment, Your Cat Giffy, Your Entre, Your Selfie, etc. Perception: So much more than “Like” — watch out for commitment.

Yay: I’m Very Pleased That: You got the job, got engaged, Got a new Cat, etc. You have “triumphed” Perception: Similar to “Like”?

Haha: I am jubilant about: What you said, your meme, your misfortune because I am sarcastic or downright insensitive.. etc. You are “amusing” to me Perception: Probably used mostly for humorous reactions.

Wow!: Uh oh? I’m confused, Surprised/Angered about you losing your cat, your job, friend/lover/family member, you got something wrong about something, etc. Perception: This one can be all over the place given that it’s not a “happy” wow. Maybe a post reply from you set them off? Maybe you said something inflammatory?

Sad: I am upset/saddened or dismayed about you losing your cat, your job, friend/lover/family member, I didn’t win your online contest, etc.

Perception: Obviously, this one is helpful since it’s not intuitive to give a “Thumbs Up” to a friend if they have suffered a significant loss.

Angry: The one to avoid, hands down.

Perception: Given that most netizens find solace “venting” on the Internet, The “Happy Face” has met his match.

At this time, it appears that only one emoticon can be selected, not as enumeration. I hope to be able to report on the statistics of how these are used cumulatively each day across the planet.

Can you imagine McDonald’s “after product launch” marketing posse on Monday morning looking at the customer sentiment bar graph of these icons for the release of their new “Pumpkin Spice French Fries”?

I invite your comments.

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