Discovering Mika Akitaka

Last night in a perfectly normal YuriKuma Arashi merch crawl through the internet, I stumbled across a bootleg wall scroll of an Extremely Powerful and Good mecha-Ginko. “Holy shit.” I remembered exclaiming as I stared in awe, my brain dissolving immediately into a galaxy as I pondered all the sequences that lead me to this. I was on mobile and about 15 minutes from passing out so I took a quick screenshot and went to sleep. Upon waking, I began the journey to find out what God put this into existence.

I started off with a post on twitter of the screenshot I took last night as well as texting the only other person I know who might know where it came from.

i’ve been taking a lot of cough syrup lately

When both efforts came back fruitless, I hopped on my desktop to see what other clues I could produce from the image. I started by cropping the screenshot and utilizing reverse Google Image search to see if I could find a clearer image. It came back instantly, and I found a website claiming it was drawn by a Mika Akitaka. Upon opening the link, I was treated to a plethora of mecha-girls, all drawn by this Mika Akitaka. Among them was Asuna from Sword Art Online, Squid Girl, Menma from AnoHana and many, many more. The Danbooru link I had clicked on had a hyperlink at the bottom that explained this was part of a “Modern Day Mecha Musume” monthly feature that came through Nyantype, a recently defunct anime magazine produced by Kadokawa.

we’re fucked

I searched for the artists name to see if I could learn anything else about the project and more mecha-girls appeared at the top of the image search. I had to actually scroll down to see a picture of his face. If there’s one thing I can discern is that this dude like, LOVES mecha. The first link came to his Anime News Network profile, which had little to say about him other than that he worked on a fuckton of shows as a mechanical designer. It lists under his favorites simply “Mobile Suit Gundam”, which makes sense since he worked as a mechanical designer on a slew of different Gundam shows as well as created his own mecha OVA titled Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. The man of culture even has his own Gundam Wiki page which further explains his involvement in the Gundam franchise working with Sunrise Inc. who produced the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

It also disclosed that he is the illustrator of the MS Girl series, which I’ve actually heard about through cosplay. MS Girl is short for Mobile Suit Girl, which are essentially anthropomorphism's of the different Gundam units. The series was first published in Gundam Ace magazine and then compiled into an artbook that was released in 1994.

AMX-003 Gaza-C MS Girl by Mika Akitaka

Other than that… there’s little that I could find about the author or the Mecha Musume series. Maybe there isn’t much more to it. Maybe he’s just a dude who is really, really into robot girls and to be honest, I feel that. I’m still waiting patiently for when I can have my own persacom girlfriend to read me my email and push my grocery cart at the store for me. Which Mecha Musume girl is your favorite? What girl would you like to see a Mecha Musume of? Let me know in the comments, and thank you for reading!

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