What is Smart Mobility?

  • Flexibility: Multiple modes of transportation allow travelers to choose which ones work best for a given situation.
  • Efficiency: The trip gets the traveller to their destination with minimal disruption and in as little time as possible.
  • Integration: The full route is planned door-to-door, regardless of which modes of transportation are used.
  • Clean Technology: Transportation moves away from pollution-causing vehicles to zero-emission ones.
  • Safety: Fatalities and injuries are drastically reduced.
Bicing bike-sharing rack in Barcelona, Spain.
  1. To implement innovative and sustainable smart mobility solutions.
  2. To develop and adopt intelligent transport system standards.
  3. To establish close partnerships and co-creation.
Photo: amsterdam-street-canal-bike-2261212 licensed under CC0 Creative Commons.
  • Pneumatic chutes collect and handle waste underground, eliminating garbage trucks on the roads.
  • Televisions in residences are being wired so residents can access municipal administration.
  • Lights and residence temperature can be controlled from either a central panel in the home or apartment or from a smartphone.
  • A single control centre in the district monitors 300 interactive security cameras that include emergency call systems.
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