A HUGE shout out to James Altucher for his AWESOME interview with Jesse Itzler. I LOVE learning from James so check out his podcast if you have not already and Jesse’s energy is off the charts in this one. I SO dig his passion. Here are my fav 12 nuggets from his interview with James…

1. Want it SO BAD that you don’t care about the consequences.
2. Forget the powerpoint and instead CREATE the world and the reality you want to show people.
3. CARE as much about your product day to day as you did to win the business.
4. FIND a way…just like Jesse did when he flew to ATL, snuck in with the band, and waited 8 hours on a pay phone until he got to Grant Hill. LOVE.
5. If you want to be friends with someone, call them, email them, ask them….see #4 :) The benefit of just asking so far outweighs your nervousness to just ask.
6. Find people to work with who don’t need a contract. The hand shake deal is a lost art. Let’s bring it back. Trust.
7. FLEX your mental toughness muscle. When you think you are done, you are only at 40% done. KEEP GOING.
8. Spend as much time OFF the track convincing yourself YOU CAN as you do on it…
9. You have 24 hours in a day. That is a LOT of time…make a pie chart and write out what is most important to you for each hour in the day.
10. “If it doesn’t suck, don’t do it.” Find something every day that makes you get out of your comfort zone. STRETCH yourself. Create a new baseline for yourself.
11. Create more EVENTS that you plan during the year for you, your family, and your friends. THESE are what you will remember at the end. 
12. Bring your personality to business meetings. CONNECT on a human level before you connect on business.
Thank you SO much again James and Jesse for your awesomeness. I appreciate you both very much. I go into more detail in the below video and below that is the link to the full interview James did with Jesse. Enjoy!