Another Empty “Bombshell” Russiagate Story
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone argues — incorrectly— that lying out loud is a “thought crime” (her words).

That’s untrue.

No, lying out loud is not a thought crime, but yes, lying out loud to the FBI is a serious crime. Michael Flynn chose to lie, out loud, to the FBI, and they caught him red-handed, and are using his lies as placeholders in his 4-part indictment and his 4-part guilty plea.

She also argues— again incorrectly— that all plea bargainers who take part in major crimes must always plead guilty to all those crimes.

That’s also untrue.

A plea bargainer need not be charged with every crime committed, and a plea bargainer can be charged with multiple crimes at various stages. Mueller still has plenty of time to charge Flynn with more crimes, and he has plenty of time to charge other people with other crimes. Mueller and Flynn have excellent reasons for not disclosing everything at the outset.

She also argues — again incorrectly— that no Trump-Russia affair could possibly require the use of Michael Flynn.

That’s also untrue.

No one can say who played what roles, or which players were necessary vs. optional vs. superfluous, until all of the Trump-Russia sub-affairs and all of their players, meetings, and e-mail get fully disclosed. Just from the falsehoods already exposed, it’s clear that there are many more needles still inside these various haystacks.