My Church is Trolling Me (I think)

I am a black woman in the southeast and I attend a multi-racial (but mostly white) church.

That’s the foundation of this post.

I started attending this church for three reasons:

  1. I appreciated the connection the staff makes with members, and when I had a mild anxiety attack in 2013, the church opened their doors and welcomed me without question.
  2. The church has a wonderful children’s ministry. I have a three-year old who does not sit silently in church. I like that she looks forward to church and also learns about God.
  3. They have a nice early service.

I joined the church some months ago, and during the New Member lunch the Senior Pastor’s wife and I started talking about the issue I had being a black Christian in the south. This has some nuances and complexities for me that I can discuss in a later post. The pastor’s wife was empathetic and sincere. Awesome!

But in reality, it seems the church actually does not care about the plight of many black Christians in America, or the congregation.

My reasons for concern with your implied commentary in italics:

The church is about 20% black, yet the church does not explicitly address the many innocent black men and women who were murdered by the police, and the awful history of slavery in America.

Should they really address these issues during church? How would they address them? Those topics are intense and require more than a note at the beginning of worship.

Ok. Well, the church also did not acknowledge Black History month, which they should — because Black history is also American history.

Maybe they didn’t know how to approach it?

Not really acceptable since, again, 20% of the church is black, and they can easily ask.

Well then they would need to acknowledge every other cultural month?

Yes. That’s right. As they should. But then again, maybe not since 20% of the church is black. But even if they did need to acknowledge other cultures — is that bad? Is that not what Jesus would actually do? We’ll keep going.

You don’t go to church for racial or national validation, you go to learn how to navigate life and fellowship.

Sure. Which would be easier for me to digest if there weren’t so many mixed messages that are sprinkled with white nationalist patriotism.

Fine. So what will you do now?