Tips to Being a Good Victim

I planned on writing about a ridiculous, unwarranted, stupid, foolish Tyrese soundbite, but I actually don’t want to highlight him. You can view that on your own.

Instead, I want to talk about a TMZ article about Dr. Dao — the passenger who was brutally beaten and dragged by some hoods on a United Airlines flight. The article headline reads UNITED AIRLINES DR. DAVID DAO CONVICTED OF EXCHANGING DRUGS FOR SEX. Because, well, that’s what the media does in this country. We villainize victims. I’m not going to go down a really long list, because the heavily covered 60 minutes interview from Betty Shelby pretty much takes care of that.

However, after I read the entire TMZ article on Dr. Dao’s unrelated past incidents, I wondered: How can we stop victims from being villainized in the media? The media won’t stop doing it, so I thought of some handy tips that victims can use to avoid being blamed for violence put upon them:

  1. Be perfect. The perfection needs to start in the womb. Because if you gave your mother any trouble at all during labor, they will find out and use it against you.
  2. Have money. Lots of money.
  3. Hang around perfect people. That bad apple in your family and friends list will absolutely ruin you. Remember, they have to have been perfect since conception, too.
  4. (whispering) It helps if you’re white. It doesn’t completely guarantee that you will not be villainized, but again, it helps.

If you cannot be any of these things then join the club.

We’re all in trouble.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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