Disabled Life?

I once had a series on my blog called ‘Disabled Life’ and it was series where I would talk about different aspects of living with a disability, was also a time where I could share things that people wouldn’t think of and for some people got inspired. As I said in my first post it was really engaging and everyone liked it and then I stopped and pretty much deleted every single post which was about disability. It wasn’t because it was bad or anything, I just didn’t want my disabled content mixed with the content I was writing at the time. It just wasn’t right!

Well after loads of thinking and a lot more procrastination… I am bringing it back!

I have all the contents from where I wrote all the posts before however they are outdated and need rewriting which could take me a while to do. So I’m going to take my time and do that and get one out weekly. I have a feeling it might not be called Disabled Life anymore as I just searched and that name is taken so time to get creative!

In the meantime I will also be asking and answering questions that you may or may not think about as I have thoughts which randomly come to me and I think to myself, ‘why the hell did I think of this’ and ‘what would others think of this?’ so with this new space why not use it!

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