I finally started writing, properly, I think. I’m all about football/soccer. I watch it on TV, I coach it, I play it on PlayStation and I play it for real (11-a-side and 5-a-side). I have a maniacal obsession with sport. So, as you guessed, my other Medium account (DiskiTalk) is all about that.

I remember a time, when I was this clueless and daft boy, where I thought to myself, “I must watch people kick a ball around, for an hour and a half?” Oh, how silly was I. I never realized how the game would help me and shape me into the person I have become.

Football has made me a better person. Helped me through some really hard times. Look, it didn’t give me the solutions to my problems, it was a nice couple of minutes to take my mind off of the rubbish. A couple of minutes to express myself like I normally wouldn’t. A couple of minutes to be on autopilot and purely live in the moment. A couple of minutes where I can see the direct corelation between my efforts + outcomes. A couple of minutes to be….me!

I discovered a number of people through the beloved beautiful game. People that want to be be coaches at the highest level. People that understand the game and can UNDERSTAND the passion behind the sport. People that look to me for improvement (I still can’t get used to that one). People that look for leadership from me (can’t get used to that one either). All these have become some amazing relationships, which I never saw ever happening.

People that have played with me, sadly for them, have experienced the passion I have for this. I live with the mantra of ‘There’s no such thing as a friendly. We keep score for a reason”. I can be ruthless, all in the name of the win.

Greatest lesson the beautiful game has taught me:

No one is an expert. We’re all learning.

No touch is ever the same. No game is ever same. You get out what you put in, but sometimes, YOU DON’T! (harsh reality). People handle things, and interpret things differently than you do. You can’t handle all people the same way.

In short, football has taught me about life. It’s all about messing up and doing you best to fix it next time. The game is ever evolving, so is life, standing still is not an option.