Some quick tips on how to find and keep a top barista at your cafe!

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to find a great barista for your cafe. Here are some quick tips that might help the next time you’re looking for that barista guru to stand behind your machine and make lattes for the long haul.

Find yourself a friendly barista.

It may sound obvious but your barista needs to build rapport with customers. Your barista should be friendly and approachable. They don’t need to be the chattiest person around but they should certainly help to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. It sounds simple but if your customers like your barista and their coffee, they will be coming back.

Create a great culture and build strong relationships with your team.

If you take the time to develop strong relationships within your business you will find your barista really wants to be there. Working behind the machine can be satisfying and fulfilling. Happy staff are likely to be more flexible and willing to help out with extra hours and shifts when you need to call in that favour.

A great culture is vital to the success of your café and your customers will notice. They can see it every single morning they walk in, order, and wait for their takeaway. Let your barista know you’re there for them and you’ve got their back. Being a barista can be stressful, so be supportive!

Let your barista know they are doing a great job.

Being a barista is hard work. It is physically demanding, requires mental alertness and can often be thankless. Customers are not always so forgiving but as a cafe owner, you should be. Acknowledge what your barista does for you and be thankful. Move on quickly from those occasional problem customers and difficult situations to focus on what’s important. You’re in this together.


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