5 things about…99% Invisible

  1. “This is 99% Invisible and I am Roman Mars” each podcast begins with these words. Roman Mars (the narrator) in each episode “decodes the world’s designs”. If that is not enough to get you interested here is more: In each episode of this podcast the team dive deeps into one subject. The best way to describe this podcast is that it is fodder for the curious minds.
  2. The content that is showcased in this podcast is very interesting and rare. A lot of it is about architecture and historical pieces. What makes each episode interesting is the eclectic content, thorough research and the captivating narration.
  3. The length of each episode is perfect. Most of these episodes average to about 25 minutes. This is the perfect time limit to be attentive and absorb the information about a topic while getting entertained.
  4. They release a new podcast weekly. As mentioned, each episode is an independent topic so you can definitely scan through the various topics available and listen to the ones that really interest you. Currently, they are on their 110th episode, which only means 110 beautifully curated stories about subjects you did not know much about.
  5. I have been promoting this podcast among my circle for a long time. If you do not know if podcasts are your thing give 99% Invisible a shot.If you are still not convinced or do not know where to start these are few of my favorite episodes from a list of many more: Rajneeshpuram, The Gruen Effect, PDX Carpet, Penn Station Sucks .

For more podcast episodes go here: http://99percentinvisible.org/category/episode/

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