5 things about…Lyft

  1. Ten years back if someone would tell me calling a car from phone and jumping in a stranger’s car would be the future of transportation I would not believe it. It takes more than just an idea to reach success. Lyft has been able to execute this great idea by creating a convenient service.
  2. There are a couple of competitors in the ride share market. What makes Lyft a good fit for me are the kind of drivers the company hires to represent them. I love Cash Cab getting in Lyft car is a similar experience. The ride starts with a fist pump. Many of the drivers use their car to express their personality which is a good way to bridge the gap between driver and the rider.
  3. When you think of ride sharing a furry Pink mustache is not what comes to mind. It is interesting how this fun mustache has became such a ubiquitous part of San Francisco. Their branding creates a positive feel.
  4. Lyft Promotions are always consumer centric. Most of the weekends they try to come up with a promotion, which would make transportation easy. With services like Lyft Line as a rider it gives you options to optimize your ride based on the cost and time on hand.
  5. One of the best experiences that I have had on my Lyft ride is when after being stuck in traffic for 3 hours across town the driver made sure to drop me off at a different location more convenient to me rather than giving me a hard time. They are quick with their customer service queries as well. I hope to luck out with the #goldglovebox soon and continue Lyft rides.

Learn more: http://www.lyft.com/