5 things about…State Bird Provisions

  1. For those who are not familiar with this restaurant it started as one specializing in quail but since then has diversified into many more menu items. It has won many accolades for its food. Few of them worth mentioning are the James Beard Award for best New Restaurant in 2013 and the constant recognition by Michelin guide.
  2. Now that we know about this restaurant the next part is how to earn a spot in this restaurant. From what I hear, there are basically two ways to get a seat (a) Wait in line starting at about 4 PM to guarantee a spot / Taskrabbit and outsource this work b) Every day at midnight reservation spots open up for about 60 days in advance. Personally, for me i kept checking and got a 10 PM reservation a week in advance.
  3. The ambience of this restaurant is very friendly. Honestly, I liked the casual vibe the restaurant has been able to maintain.
  4. The menu of this restaurant changes every day and has about six savory plates and five desserts. I like the presentation where you can order from the printed menu as well as the dim sum style carts. The transparency regarding price provided on the items on the cart makes it easy as a customer to order as well as visually see an item before ordering it.
  5. I am so excited to check out their new restaurant The Progress. I am hoping to luck out and score another reservation soon.

Good luck on the reservation: http://statebirdsf.com/reservations/

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