Hating… Used to describe the unexplainable disgust

To use such word regards you’ve lost the trust

Breaking what was once together decrees your must

To let go what was once and let the wind wave the dust

Restless shall my heart be

What happened between you and me?

Cautious will my soul remain

How did i let you bargain?

Have you seen the sun in tears?

Looked into it and saw the rain fall through?

I doubt it myself… “Impossibilities”- that is what somethings are meant to be

Like you and me

She and He… He and she

They and Them… Them and They

Except that She, He, They and Them are aware

How about you and me?

One is aware and the other is beware.

So tell me? What is it you know?

What are you thinking about?

Should i let… Go?

Do i… Remain?

With the heartless soul you’ve turned, can you describe?

I will stay if only you said so

But the dumb voice you’ve turned

Leaves no option but my soul burned

…And…And i am ha…ha…ting this unexplainable disgust.

#I am my own masterpiece. I hurt. I warn that i am forever beautiful. And…You’ll need me but it’s late. I am lost in myself#
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